MetLife’s Own Southeastern Guide Dog Hard at Work

Brad with puppy raiser Jennifer Hatchett


To think Brad got his start at MetWest with Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy trainer and property manager Jennifer Hatchett! So proud of Brad for his work in the Navy and equally proud of Jen who has gone on to raise several puppies for Southeastern Guide Dogs. 

Naval base uses unique strategy to combat suicides, stress: A dog

By Terace Garnier | Fox News  Every day, Senior Chief Brad greets sailors and marines as they enter a military clinic for their regular doctor’s appointments. Throughout the day, he makes his rounds and visits patients sitting in the waiting area, cuddling with them briefly. If he senses they are down, he takes action.

But he’s no medical professional. He’s a golden retriever yellow lab mix initially trained as a seeing-eye dog, a post-traumatic stress disorder therapy dog and, now, a stress dog… 

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