Tampa Bay’s Coolest Office Space

While MetWest’s office buildings are filled with cool offices spaces one has received special recognition. Vaco located in MetWest One has been nominated for the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Coolest Office Spaces. Their office space mixes utility and culture, professional and fun, and modern with practicality, according to Vaco’s submission for Coolest Office Spaces. By blurring the lines of ‘work’ and ‘home,’ the renovated space is one where clients, candidates and consultants all feel more than welcome,” according to Emily Fitch, founder and scout for design firm Create + Co. “In designing the space, functionality was key, but making it all feel like home was mission critical.”

Tampa Bay’s Coolest Office Spaces: Vaco in Tampa – Tampa Bay Business Journal

Vaco in Tampa provides consulting, permanent placement, executive search and strategic staffing for companies around the world, in the areas of accounting, finance, technology, health care, operations, administration and more. The company’s office features uniquely decorated interview rooms, each with a theme, two being “speakeasy” themed with a secret passage in between them.