The 2021 ESG Challenge – MetWest One Earns MetLife’s 2021 ESG Challenge Award

Congratulations to the MetLife and Cushman & Wakefield property management team at MetWest International for exhibiting a great example of leadership in participating in this year’s MetLife ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Challenge.

Southeast Regional Winner

MetWest One | Tampa, FL

The ESG Advisory Committee was inspired by the ingenuity and dedication of steps taken by the MetWest property management team to improve operations and enhance environmental performance through 2021 including:

  • Converting lighting throughout the facility to LED’s. This has included the lobby, corridors, elevator lobbies, mechanical and electrical rooms, exterior lighting, and the fitness center resulting in energy savings as great as 50%.
  • Implementing innovative water management strategies.
    • Taking advantage of a cooling tower makeup water evaporation which reduces potable water needs and garners a  $1500 monthly credit back to the building.
    • Condensate recovery efforts which have yielded a 10% water savings.
  • Improving indoor air quality by upgrading air filters.
  • Fitness center upgrades

Both One MetroCenter and MetWest One
have earned and retained the Gold LEED
and Energy Star certifications.